Take charge of your fear

Over 1 in 4 adults fear needles (28% of all adults). 

With the COVID vaccine roll out on its way to Australia and New Zealand, a successful uptake will depend on a variety of factors, one of which is vaccine acceptance. One potential hurdle to the number of adults getting the vaccine is needle fear.

If you’re scared of needles, but you want to be vaccinated here are some tools and techniques to help you cope.

Distract the nerves

Use a vibrating Buzzy to help block the pain and provide distraction. Place the Buzzy with the frozen ice-wings on the injection site for 60 seconds prior to the shot. Then move Buzzy up the arm with the vibration still switched on.

Relax the muscles

Easier said than done, but pushing medication into taut muscles makes it hurt more at the time of an injection and after. Try and relax your muscles.

Distract your mind

Counting and finding tasks can reduce pain by half. Count corners in the room, count ceiling tiles, count holes in the air grate.

Distract the senses

The brain can process only so much at one time, so stimulate taste and smell to decrease pain. Immediately before the shot, suck on a sweet lolly, chew a stick of gum or breathe in some peppermint oil on a tissue.

More information about Buzzy https://www.buzzy4shots.com.au/products/buzzy-home-use-basic-kit