Blood Draws and Blood & Plasma Donations with Buzzy

In more than 40 venipuncture studies, Buzzy improved the patients' experience of blood collection or showed comparable effectiveness to other interventions (such as numbing creams). Its vibration promotes vasodilation, enlarging veins and aiding in their location.

TGA-approved in Australia and MedSafe-approved in New Zealand, Buzzy has been scientifically designed to dull the body's ability to feel sharp pain. Buzzy is used in blood donation centres and pathology labs throughout the world.

Buzzy combines safe, high-frequency vibration with a soothing ice pack. This combination helps decrease pain associated with a blood draw. 

Buzzy can assist patients of all ages and he is particularly useful for patients who have a fear or phobia of needles. 


  1. Freeze the ice-wings solid. The ice wings will stay frozen for 10 minutes at room temperature.
  2. Place Buzzy and the ice wings proximal to the injection area (not directly on the access site, but 3-5cm above the injection site). Hold in place or use a tourniquet. 
  3. Turn Buzzy on for at least 30 seconds before the insertion and leave switched on and in place throughout the access. 

"I am 37 years old and like 10-20% of the population have a needle phobia. I just ordered a Buzzy this week and tried it out yesterday while having my blood drawn… I had no idea that she had even stuck me yet and by the time I was done talking with the nurse she had already drawn 5 vials of blood and we were finished. I usually pass out and the nurses cannot finish taking my blood. This is a huge step in life for me." - Matthew S.