What is Buzzy?

Buzzy helps with needle fear, pain and phobia. From vaccinations to IV access to infusions or daily injections, Buzzy has been used over 37 million times worldwide to reduce pain and fear during medical procedures.

A handheld vibrating device with removable ice wings, Buzzy is used to provide pain relief and distraction for patients undergoing a wide variety of medical procedures and tests.

Buzzy uses a combination of cold and vibration to help block pain and sharp sensations on the body. It has been shown to decrease needle pain by 50-80% and when added to distraction it can reduce pain by 88%.

How does Buzzy work?

The gate control theory is the basis for Buzzy .'Gate control' is the term used to describe pain relief by causing sensations other than pain, and then sending them down the same pathway where pain gets blocked at the "gate".

Just like cool running water soothes a burn and rubbing a bumped elbow helps,  Buzzy uses a combination of cold and vibration to replace pain with temperature and movement.  


Where is Buzzy used?

Particularly useful for people who experience needle phobia or fear, Buzzy is proven to help reduce fear and pain for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, diabetes, dialysis, blood draws, arthritis, dental injections, facial injections, fertility shots/IVF and immunisations. These are just some of the situations in which Buzzy helps.

Trusted by professionals throughout the world, MedSafe-approved in New Zealand and TGA-approved in Australia, Buzzy is used in a wide range of medical settings, including medical practices, vaccination clinics, hospitals, dental practices and in homes by both adults and children.

With over 50 peer-reviewed clinical trials and 37 million procedures worldwide, Buzzy has been proven to help reduce pain and fear for patients.

Why Buzzy is beneficial:

Money-saving: Buzzy is reusable and be used multiple times with multiple patients. The healthcare gel wings can be cleaned between use.

Portable: Buzzy is small and portable and can be stored in a belt bag or small carry bag.

Reduces pain: Buzzy is clinically proven to reduce pain in adults and children by up to 80%.

Fast: Buzzy works almost instantly to block sharp pain & distract the nerves. There is no need to apply any topical medication and wait for it to activate. 

Empowering: Buzzy gives the patient control over their pain. 

Drug-free: Buzzy offers a non-invasive, drug-free solution to pain relief during medical procedures.

"What an amazing product. My son has anxiety issues around new things and was very nervous about having a injection. The previous time he had one we screamed the hospital down. I saw this buzzy bee product and thought this was definitely worth trying. Oh my goodness it worked amazingly. He didn't even respond physical or emotionally when the injection went in as the buzzy bee distracted him totally. Definitely recommend this product to anyone." - Sharon L