How to use Buzzy

Buzzy is simple to set up and use. Here's how:

1. Freeze Ice Wings
Wings will stay frozen 10 minutes at room temperature. For best
pain relief, the wings must be frozen solid to avoid absorbing

2. Attach Wings to Buzzy

Whichever model of Buzzy you own, either place the hole in the ice wings over the hook on the back oor slide the ice wings through the elastic strap on the back of Buzzy.

3. Place Buzzy

For injections, place Buzzy on the site of the injection for 30-60 seconds. Then move Buzzy up and secure there during the injection. Buzzy must be placed proximal to the pain to be most effective. Buzzy goes between the pain and the brain. 

4. Turn Buzzy On

Once Buzzy is being held in place either by a comfort strap, tourniquet, or by hand, press the button or switch on the top of Buzzy. Hold Buzzy in place for a minimum of 3 minutes.


Buzzy Healthcare Instructions

Buzzy Personal Use Instructions