Buzzy for Vaccinations & Injections

Using Buzzy for Vaccinations


Buzzy uses a combination of cold and vibration to help block sharp sensations on the body. It has been shown to decrease needle pain by 50-80%.

How does Buzzy works to block the sharp pain from an injection?

The gate control theory is the basis for Buzzy. 'Gate control' is the term used to describe pain relief by causing sensations other than pain, and then sending them down the same pathway where pain gets blocked at the "gate".

Just like cool running water soothes a burn and rubbing a bumped elbow helps,  Buzzy uses a combination of cold and vibration to replace pain with temperature and movement.  

How to use Buzzy for a Vaccination Injection

  1. Freeze the ice wings: the ice wings should be frozen solid (to avoid absorbing vibration). Wings will stay frozen for about 10 minutes at room temperature. 
  2. Attach your wings to Buzzy.
  3. Place the Buzzy (by holding in place or using the tourniquet) directly on the injection point on the arm.
  4. Turn Buzzy on and keep in place for 30-60 seconds (while you prepare the injection).
  5. Immediately before the needle insertion, move Buzzy up the arm (around 3cm) and keep Buzzy switched on during the needle insertion.
  6. For injections in other parts of the body, ensure Buzzy is placed between 'the brain and the pain'.

Cleaning Buzzy:

Buzzy and healthcare wings are reusable. They should be cleaned with alcohol based cleaning wipes or by following your facility’s infection control protocol for non-critical equipment such as stethoscopes or patient monitors. Do not autoclave. Do not immerse in liquid. Healthcare wings are the only wings that can be cleaned between patients. 


"My 12 year old daughter had always received vaccinations with not too much fuss but something changed in her mindset and she wouldn’t get her next scheduled vaccination. She was quite hysterical on 2 times of trying. I eventually bought the Buzzy and we managed to do 2 in one day. She had seen her little sister use it and decided this was the only way she would get it done. The nurse at the clinic was impressed and bought one for the clinic".- Tracey D