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Buzzy Pro is ideal to support patients through longer medical procedures including dialysis, blood donation and venipuncture.

Buzzy Pro is for use with a standard tourniquet for adult blood draw procedures, or PRP/ultrasound-guided injections.

Buzzy Pro includes:

  • 1 M-Stim® unit with continuous high-frequency vibration
  • 5 larger rectangular single patient ice packs reversible for patient preference of more or less cold
  • 2 Latex-free TPE Starter Straps

Buzzy Pro is ideal for blood donation centres, dialysis clinics, general practice and hospitals.

Buzzy Pro maximizes the mechanical stimulation and ice surface area to match an arteriovenous fistula or blood draw site.


"We already used the Buzzy bee for children, but not for adults. We did a little experiment to learn whether Buzzy would work on dialysis shunts,” explains Liesbeth de Boer, Nursing Improvement Advisor in Maastricht, Netherlands. “Several patients experienced less pain and were happy, so we introduced it in our dialysis department. Patients like the control of holding Buzzy in exactly the right spot for the best pain relief when the nurse places the needle.”


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