Buzzy - helping to make COVID Shots Easier on Children

Hundreds of Buzzy Bees are flying all over Australia and New Zealand to help ease the stress and anxiety some children experience during vaccinations.

Our vaccination providers are doing an outstanding job and many are putting in every effort to ensure that the vaccination procedure is not traumatic for the child. We know that if the first shot goes smoothly, with minimal pain, the second shot will be easier. Children with special needs such as sensory issues need extra special care and support through their procedure.

To help make the vaccination process as stress-free as possible for our children, here's some tips and tricks:

  1. Apply the vibrating Buzzy and the frozen gel wings directly onto the site of the injection. Prior to the shot, leave Buzzy in place for 30-60 seconds, then move Buzzy up the arm while administering the injection.
  2. Be honest and calm. Explain to the child that they may feel a little pinch, but that it will go away very fast. Use words like “pressure” or “poke” rather than “pain” or “needle.” 
  3. Find a comfortable position. The child can sit in their caregiver’s lap.
  4. Distract the child. Right before the shot, sing a song, tell a story or just act plain silly to pull the child’s attention away from the shot. Keep the distraction going after the vaccine is given.
  5. If the child is older, ask him to take deep breaths, wriggle his toes or count the posters on the wall.
  6. Provide care after the shot. Calm the child with praise and a thumbs up.

For more information about Buzzy and distraction methods, read our other blogs.