The Buzzy Bee is crazy good!!! I have feared needles for as long as I can remember (I'm 28 years old). I had to get a blood test recently, which normally sends me in to a wild panic. But it didn't hurt at all with the Buzzy Bee! I normally don't write reviews because even if I like a product, I usually forget. But I'm so happy about this Bee. It sounds silly, but I was actually pretty emotional about it, because after using it once, my fear has completely dissipated. Having a major fear just disappear because someone cared enough to create something like this is pretty unforgettable to me. I have been recommending it to EVERYONE in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Jari


My 4 year old granddaughter has to have a needle every 2 weeks. She has been having needles and blood tests on a regular basis since she was 3. It has been very traumatic for her. We only found out about Buzzy4Shots recently. The Buzzy4Shots has been an amazing find. It really works. She has used Buzzy for the last 2 injections and has said "my Buzzy stops it from hurting". It yook her awhile to use "Buzzy" as it signalled a needle but now understands how much Buzzy helps. - Pamela

As a Registered immunisation nurse and Mum of a daughter who needs monthly injections, I can't rate Buzzy highly enough.Compliance among so many patients had skyrocketed since I started using Buzzy. It's not nice having a needle and this device takes the exoerience to a much kinder level. Thanks Buzzy - Bridget (RN)

My daughter is terrified of needles and usually tenses up and screams, she didn't even flinch and was so proud of herself. It's fabulous, I highly recommend Buzzy! - Karen

We use this for all our kids needles, a great tool and a great distraction device - Monica

Buzzy has been an invaluable device in my home in regards to helping my daughter that is on the autism spectrum handle getting vaccines and blood work. It used to take 5 people to hold her still for anything needle related. Now, it only takes myself and Buzzy. Thanks for an AMAZING product! -Mindy 

My daughter LOVES Buzzy! She will not let us do anything painful without her beloved Buzzy! In fact she has two as we sometimes have to have multiple procedures. My daughter requires twice a day subcutaneous injections which are painful even with Buzzy (the medication itself burns when injected)! Buzzy makes a huge difference. Once a week she also requires a port-needle change and a Subcutaneous injection of another med. I do not know what we would do without Buzzy!! He is a lifesaver! My daughter even makes us use buzzy for tape removal and any other little aches and pains. Our children go through so much every day and this is one luxury that they deserve! Thanks Buzzy for all that you do for so many! -Kimberly H.

Buzzy has been super helpful with my kids (I have 7)! From shots to blood draws, he is always there to distract and soothe. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Women and Children and brought a Buzzy for our unit. I would love to get Buzzy into the offices of our pediatricians! Having one there would certainly build the case for having more! One of the best inventions for kids EVER! -Julie K

My 5 year old daughter is in a diabetes-related study, and gets her blood drawn every quarter. They use Buzzy there and I was intrigued, so I got one for home. So far, in addition to the run-of-the-mill vaccines (which she doesn’t really have a problem with, but she likes the distraction cards a lot), we’ve successfully used it for some pretty mean splinter extractions from various locations all over her body, ranging from the meaty part of her palm to her toes. -Kathy

I have a Type 1 diabetic daughter who is so very thankful for her buzzy!! She carries her buzzy bag around with pride and love to tell other children what's inside! I really encourage any part or organization that cares for children to invest in BUZZY!! It gives them a sense of control over what will be happening to them! -R.H.

My daughter loves Buzzy. She has to have weekly sub.q's ( infusions) of plasma. She now calls it Buzzy monday. -Paula M.

We have another site change tonight but as my little one says "Its no sweat mummy, we have Buzzy -Louise W.

I bought the Buzzy a year ago after seeing it on TV. Today my kids had to get blood tests and shots and FELT NOTHING! I can’t thank you enough for this awesome product. I am so relieved and will tell everyone I know about Buzzy! -Jamie

We love our Buzzy! Had it for probably more than 5 years! -Sarah O.

 Buzzy is the best thing invented !!! Tried this on our six year old granddaughter for the first time with her methotrexate injection. She loves Buzzy never felt the injection at all! -Karen S.

Since my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia Buzzy has been our best friend. -Leah C.

We have used Buzzy for my son who has a chronic illness and was really suffering from needle-phobia. The Royal Children's Hospital pain-management nurse had a Buzzy and shared him , and Buzzy has turned everything around for him! Buzzy has been such a god-send and we cannot sing its praises enough. Buzzy rules! -Michelle C.

Buzzy was awesome for my 3 year old's allergy scratch tests. I put Buzzy on his spine, and Buzzy completely took away his urge to scratch himself, despite several very positive tests. -Lindsay B.

I was so skeptical about Buzzy. But my 5-year-old daughter was having severe anxiety over getting her weekly shots to combat her juvenile arthritis. We tried using numbing cream at the injection site, but her anxiety would increase as we waited for the cream to work. So I tried Buzzy® this morning for the first time. It WORKED! My daughter said she didn’t feel anything! I can’t even tell you how happy that made me. I plan on sharing this news with the Arthritis Foundation, and at a juvenile arthritis conference I’ll be attending in a few weeks. -Amy H.

This is just to say -- We LOVE BUZZY. We purchased it after watching on SharkTank and it makes doctor's visits and the idea of injections needed for international travel MUCH less intimidating. GREAT product! -Lain

We love our Buzzy!! Our 4 year old daughter gets methotrexate shots once a week, blood draws ever 6 weeks, various IVs, plus humira bi-weekly (soon). All I can say is Buzzy is a lifesaver. -Rachel R.

Bought this for my son, 4 years old, who gets very painful shots as part of his cancer treatment. The first time we used this, The nurses said it was the best one they ever gave. He barely noticed the shot. We loved it so much, We bought more for the center to us. We also use it for port accesses, and are thrilled at how much easier those have become. Worth every penny. -Claire B.

We LOVE Buzzy for me medically complex 5 year old who has had multiple hospital stays just the last couple of months and has another heart surgery coming next month. -Gretchen M.

My son is on Norditropin. To say that Buzzy changed our lives sounds dramatic, but it is absolutely true. Prior to Buzzy we would spend 30 - 60 minutes every night on his shot - melt downs, crying, screaming, fighting, etc. We tried so many things and nothing helped. This went on for almost 5 years. (He is 7 now and was 2 when he started injections) To say I was exhausted is an understatement and I felt like my son was being horribly traumatized. I ended up breaking down and sobbing at my son's endocrinologist appointment. The nurse I spoke with suggested Buzzy, which I had not heard of before. The next day I saw the give away, and ordered one! My son's injections now take 2 minutes and there is no fighting, crying, screaming. The difference is truly amazing. -Emily Martin

…thank you buzzy, cannot wait to announce to Great Ormand Street about their new arrival…daughter had blood draw today with lady buzz, methotrexate tomorrow all good there. I have a blood test too and will be trying it out for myself just to see how great it is for myself. -Z.E.

My little girl is excited for her next blood draw now that she has Buzzy. -Suzanne H

Buzzy has made my son’s, Zachary’s, set of 18 month and 2 year shots SO much easier (for him and me!). He especially likes the distraction cards! And I have sung your praises to my family & friends on Facebook and will continue to do so! Thank you all SO much for doing this great thing!!  -Jennifer W.

Our daughter is 8 years old and has had type 1 diabetes since age 3. She has lived through about 6 shots per day for the past 5 years. That's over 10,000 shots so far!!!! Needless to say we are quite familiar with needles at our house. Yet she "hates" Lantus shots because the medicine really stings from its acidity and she has never let us give her an injection in her stomach because she was too afraid. Welcome Buzzy! Last night was the first time we tried it for Lantus and she kissed Buzzy after her shot and said "God bless you". Today she let us give her injection in her stomach for the first time and she said it didn't hurt!We are very happy that Buzzy is here. Kids that endure daily shots will appreciate Buzzy b/c it is a. cute and b. someone who is there to help them.Thanks for helping ease pain. I hope every kid with diabetes gets one. We will take it with us to our next endo. appointment and show the doctors and take Buzzy to the dreaded blood draws. -Dr. Jennifer M.

We've used Buzzy for a few years but since I saw that Buzzy will be on Shark Tank, I feel compelled to share our story. My son was 3 when he was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. He was prescribed high doses of prednisone and Cytoxan. Anyone who knows anything about steroids knows that the side effects of this on a child are devastating. Gone was my happy, sweet, lovable boy, replaced with weight gain, anger and insane mood swings. Because of the Cytoxan, he had to have blood drawn every 2 weeks for a total of 3 months. This was traumatic to say the least. I can't explain how awful it is to see your child go through this, especially when you know they feel sick. Of course, he could not understand any of this, or why I was allowing these nurses to hurt him. Each time he had blood drawn, it was a battle; he would scream, kick, and cry. (And I cried too!) On one occasion, he turned to me and asked why I didn't love him anymore.  A friend told me about Buzzy, so I ordered immediately! When Buzzy® arrived, I calmly explained it to him, let him hold it, and we looked at the distraction cards only briefly. The next time we went for blood work, he carried Buzzy® in and told the nurses all about it and showed them how Buzzy® works and used the distraction cards. We had very minimal tears, and he actually left smiling that day. 100% different from 2 weeks prior! It was truly a life saver for us! I cannot put into words what Buzzy® has done for us. There's not another product out there that I believe more in. I'll be watching and praying for Buzzy® on Shark Tank. I really believe that all children should have the opportunity to know Buzzy! I'm happy to say that my son's kidney disease is now in remission, but we are sure to use Buzzy® for our yearly flu shots! (Even my 17 yr old!) -Tina F.

Adult Testimonials

[My friend] gave me buzzy as a gift before I was in labor with my first baby. I used buzzy during labor. My labor was an induction, and I labored on Pitocin for 3 to 4 hours using buzzy as my only form of pain relief. I don't think I would have been able to labor naturally that long without Buzzy. It really did help with the contractions and keep me from thinking about the pain. I would definitely consider Buzzy for other pain relief options and would recommend it to friends who are also considering a natural labor. Thank you for your innovations in the product. -Natalie Bickley

I really wanted to thank you and everyone who is involved with buzzy. It literally changed my life. My needle phobia was so extreme that I have never ever had a blood draw in my life (only a few from my finger when I was very little) I used to faint when getting shots and as an adult just avoided proper medical treatment.Thanks to buzzy, I was able to get two shots and have two blood draws in the past few months, and I am 33 years old now. It is amazing, I am truly thankfulThanks to my progress I am able to have a laparoscopic myomectomy in two days. It was reccomended a few years ago but I wasn't able to handle it. I'm pretty confident about it now. -Anonymous, 33, Israel

I have fainted every time I've had an IV in recent memory, including for 3 c-sections in the last 5 years (my doctors call it a vasovagal response). I was petrified going into a hernia repair, very worried about fainting again. This time, I used Buzzy® at the IV site (the nursing staff was very agreeable, given my history of fainting) and I didn't faint! I was so relieved. -Jennifer T.

Hello my name is Matthew Swint and I live in Atlanta. I am 37 years old and like 10-20% of the population have a needle phobia. I just ordered a Buzzy® this week and tried it out yesterday while having my blood drawn. Let me tell you that I am amazed at this product. I had no idea that she had even stuck me yet and by the time I was done talking with the nurse she had already drawn 5 vials of blood and we were finished. I usually pass out and the nurses can not finish taking my blood. This is a huge step in life for me. I will continue to use and tell everyone I know about this product. It is nothing to be embarrassed about having this phobia so I will continue to spread the good word about this product. Thanks again for bringing such a great product to the market! You have my permission 110% to put it on your Facebook page and you can use my name. This product should be in everyone's hands who have the needle phobia. Good luck with everything and thanks again for this wonderful Buzzy!! -Matthew Swint

I am a 59 year old grandmother of 5 and am terrified of needles. (Had natural childbirth with both my sons mainly to keep from having a shot.) I heard about Buzzy, got one last fall and had my first flu vaccine ever. It was truly amazing as I felt nothing. Buzzy® is definitely one of the greatest inventions ever! -Dianne Lazzari

I am a 59 year old grandmother of 5 and am terrified of needles. (Had natural childbirth with both my sons mainly to keep from having a shot.) I heard about Buzzy, got one last fall and had my first flu vaccine ever. It was truly amazing as I felt nothing. Buzzy® is definitely one of the greatest inventions ever. -Dianne L.

Buzzy® has literally changed my life! Needle phobia GONE! Thank you, best of luck!!! -Angela V.

I purchased a buzzy for my daughter right out of the NICU… knowing she would be getting a lot of shots, I wanted to prevent her from the "needle horror" I have. Now that I am a chemo patient that gets poked many times a day every three weeks, I can honestly say, it was the best investment we've ever purchased!!! The poor bee has been to two states and three hospitals - none of whom have even seen it before. -Stephanie M.

Mom is getting nightly shots of Lovenox, which the nurse said up front were "no fun". We whipped out Buzzy® and it has been a piece of cake. AND Nurses have loved it! -Wendy L.

I am 37 years old and like 10-20% of the population have a needle phobia. I just ordered a Buzzy® this week and tried it out yesterday while having my blood drawn… I had no idea that she had even stuck me yet and by the time I was done talking with the nurse she had already drawn 5 vials of blood and we were finished. I usually pass out and the nurses can not finish taking my blood. This is a huge step in life for me. -Matthew S.

I just used it for laser hair removal at the dermatologist’s office – legs, bikini, underarms – it really helped, especially at the painful ankle/lower leg area! -Jennifer

We use Buzzy® weekly when my husband gets his shots and my daughter loves it at her appointments too! -Devin M.

I have horrible needle phobia and used Buzzy® to help me get me prenatal blood tests done. Our baby girl was born 5/19 and now I'll be using the Buzzy® with her! -Lydia B.

My husband is diabetic and has to give himself insulin shots. He hates needles. This device has helped him considerably. Great idea! -R. Hawotte

I’ve been suffering from chronic arthritis and post-surgical pain for the past 15 years. I work in the technology field, so being able to use my hands is the difference between making a living, and not. I’ve tried all sorts of solutions, ibuprofen, heating pads, ice packs, pain pills, and all of them either work for a moment, or have negative effects that counteract their usefulness.That is, up until I found Buzzy.Buzzy® allows me to wear it while I work, reducing the painful swelling and crippling loss of motion that used to plague my daily work life. I just strap it on, pull one of the ice packs out of the freezer, and I have pain-free, fog-free, drug-free relief while I type and work. This product truly makes a difference in my life, and my only regret is that I didn't find Buzzy® sooner. Thanks, Buzzy! -Dave S.

Your product helped us while we were in the hospital so much we ordered one to make sure we always had one no matter where we go for healthcare! -Christopher Tio

My experience with Buzzy® produced great results. The burn occurred 2 1/2 years ago on Thanksgiving day. I know not to put ice on a burn and I assume that I did not but I cannot remember if I put my hand under cold water ---  (I probably did) ---  before my daughter  suggested that I try your Buzzy.  I used it probably 4 or five minutes. The pain subsided within about an hour. The next day the only sore area was the area that Buzz did not reach and that was inside a finger where I failed to "Buzz". I gave several for Christmas that year and one was given to a close friend who has Type one diabetes. Recently she burned her hand while cooking and used the Buzzy® immediately for about 5 minutes. She did not put her hand under water nor did she use ice. Later that day she called me and thanked me for giving her this wonderful gift. -Caroline G.

Just wanted to say that, thanks to Buzzy® the lady bug, my IVF shots were less painful. I had two to take, and the first was a 6 in terms of pain and trauma (compared to the night before’s 8+), and the second was was way better — like a 3 or a 4. I really, really appreciate it. Who knew that Buzzy®would help this adult get through such a needle nightmare? I’m glad I remembered it! Thanks again! -Lori M.

 I really truly appreciate this product. I am most thankful because now I am not as afraid of my daughter facing this phobia too. Now that mommy can be brave with needle sticks, I feel better about helping her be brave too. Thanks so much for inventing this!! -C. L.

I have had a very severe needle phobia since I was fairly young. I am now in my 30s and often avoided medical tests due to my fear. Then I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter. I was not going to avoid any tests because of my fear of needles and knew that I had to do SOMETHING to get through all of the impending blood work. I scoured the web for answers and came upon the needle phobia page. The man who writes the page mentioned Buzzy! I told my husband I wanted Buzzy® before I went in for my prenatal blood-work. We ordered Buzzy® and I was still very anxious. When we went to the lab they told me I would need to have 7 vials drawn (eeek!!) I strapped on Buzzy® with his blue wings and laid down. I was AMAZED!! I barely felt the needle stick ! I didn't get dizzy or hot or have my regular vasovagal reaction. I brought Buzzy® with me to the lab for all the lab work I needed (which ended up being a lot...especially since they messed up a test and I had to have a redraw!! But I wasn't really that nervous!) Buzzy® not only got me through my pregnancy but when I ended up having my daughter prematurely, and I had 2-3 needle sticks a day for 3 days in a row after her birth, it made it a whole lot easier. Not only did he make it easier for me to get through all those labs (I want to say that after all was said and done, I had an upward of 10-15 needle sticks throughout my pregnancy) I am less afraid of needles over all. He's helped me to get over a problem I have had for 2 decades. I really truly appreciate this product. I am most thankful because now I am not as afraid of my daughter facing this phobia too. Now that mommy can be brave with needle sticks, I feel better about helping her be brave too. Thanks so much for inventing this!! -Chelsea L.

On September 17. 2003 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. in October, 2003 I started on a disease modifying drug for my multiple sclerosis REBIF injections 3 times a week.earlier this year 2011 I received my BUZZY as a gift from one of my closest friends. The BUZZY really works as it claims to! I love it!I never injected my REBIF in my arm until i got my BUZZY! about a year or so ago i had read about BUZZY in a magazine while waiting to get a manicure. i made a mental note about it and then Stephanie got one for me! she did not know that I knew of BUZZY prior.I just wanted to let you know what a great product BUZZY is! thank you. -Lisa C.

“Buzzy® is a lifesaver!!! I am a diabetic and on meds to which I am maxed out on them. I have been prescribed Victoza which is an injectible but due to a really bad needle phobia I cannot take it.I cannot take insulin either because it’s also an injectible. My sugars were extremely high and no where to go with controlling it.Thanks to the Buzzy, I have been able to use the Victoza,keep my sugars down,and have lost a good amount of weight from the Victoza (from 167 to 151 in one week) and I feel great and my doctor is happy. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a needle phobia!!!I have told everyone I know about it and have explained my situation to them to tell them how much the Buzzy® has been a Godsend to me. I was skeptical at first but I decided to give it a try and $40.00 seemed like a small price to pay for something that could potentially help. I was at my wits end and even knowing I absolutely needed to be on the Victoza I just could not force myself to do it again on my own. I have done it a few times but had a bad experience—-very uncomfortable and had to stop the Victoza once. When my doctor heard I wanted to get back on it again (after using the Buzzy® which she didn’t know about) she told a lot of other doctors at the clinic that by knowing me she thought there was no way I was going to stick with it. She told me herself the story about saying that to everyone on the last visit. I explained to her about the Buzzy® and how it’s helped me to be able to use the Victoza and she was ecstatic. I gave her the website and she is going to check it out and recommend it as well. I had also gotten close to the diabetes educator who had tried to help me and be supportive and she was disappointed but understood my fear and why I couldn’t. When she called me back and I told her about the Victoza and the Buzzy® she had more excitement in her voice than I did.She is also going to check out the website and recommend it to everyone (like me) that has a needle phobia.Your product has helped me not only tremendously but has helped turn my life around.Not only did I lose weight from the Victoza but my A1C went from an 8.0 (terrible) to a 7.2 and my doctor wanted me 7.0 or under so I am so close and she is over the moon that I was able to accomplish what I did. I would have never been able to do it on my own without the Buzzy! Thank you for inventing such an ingenious product!” -Janet M.

Healthcare Testimonials

I have worked in the ER for greater than 15 years and was a member of the IV team for 1 year. I am also Vascular Access - Board Certified. I have used Buzzy in both of these roles. I have found Buzzy to be helpful for toddler and preschool age when involving them in the care both as a distraction and as a pain prevention measure. In the older child / teen it seems to be a little more dependent on prior experiences and willingness to give Buzzy a chance. I have had good experiences with autistic kids of many ages. They seem to prefer to hold it as a distraction or hold it on their core. These kids relax and cooperate at much higher levels when they control Buzzy. I have even had parents ask where to purchase them because the children do not want to give them back. -Cheley Yielding RNIV, CPEN, VA-BC

We service over 75,000 children each year at Golisano Children’s Hospital throughout western New York. We have been amazed by the response of Buzzy. We have departments and individual families asking how to purchase them. Buzzy® was endorsed by our pediatric pain committee as an essential non-pharmalogical pain intervention. We now have Buzzy® in each pediatric department within our 750 bed university medical center. Buzzy® has certainly made its impact in our delivery of care and we are excited that so many healthcare professionals are wanting to use it. -Wendy L., MS CCLS

I purchased the Buzzy® to include in my lecture on pain management for the pediatric population with nursing students. Having them visually see the device, show one of your short videos and introduce how you integrate development, distraction and gate control theory into your pain management approach is a very successful classroom presentation and discussion. Hopefully the word of Buzzy®will move into healthcare settings as our students graduate. -Leslie H, RN, MN, CPN

Love the buzzy – we have been using in our Springfield ED. The kids love buzzy and we know it works great! -Gary P.

Not only beneficial to Children.  I am an Aesthetic Nurse and I do glutathione and other youth-providing serum injections to adults and not all of them are good at tolerating needle pricks.  This buzzy thing really helps me calm my patients.  Great purchase according to our dermatologist. -Mae Luna, R.N.

From shots to blood draws, he is always there to distract and soothe. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Women and Children and brought a Buzzy® for our unit. I would love to get Buzzy® into the offices of our pediatricians! -Julie K., R.N.