What's in your Distraction Toolbox?

Distraction Toolboxes are full of toys, games, puzzles and special distraction and pain reducing devices to help children feel less anxious before, during and after medical tests and treatments.

For children having their first medical procedure, we want it to be a positive, reassuring experience. For children undertaking a journey of ongoing procedures, we want things to be as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

So whether you're a nurse or play specialist working with littlies, or a parent of a child who needs ongoing medical treatments, we've come up with 20 great tools to reduce fear & anxiety during medical procedures.

Put together your Distraction Toolkit now:

1. Finger Puppets

2. Colouring in and/or art supplies

3. Lego

4. Bubble liquid and bubble wand

5. Buzzy 4 Shots 

6. Buzzy Distraction Cards

7. Wooden blocks

8. Stickers

9. Stress Balls

10. Windmill

11. Lollypops

12. Dress Ups - red nose, hat, mask

13. Where's Wally books

14. Slinky

15. Fidget Spinners

16. Soft Toys

17. Rubik's Cubes

18. Liquid In-Motion Toy

19. Headphones & Device

20. Pop-Up Books